Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Treats!

Happy Easter everyone! 
This is a simple Easter table setup that you can do at home and share it with your family. Of course an Easter meal "papillote" style. Enjoy Everyone!

Easter table setup : colors of spring! nice contrast with white vessels, white birds and plates

Yellow felt fabric cut-out into cute little bunny can be used as place card.
Mini bird's nest where you can put a real quail egg or in this case a plastic toy egg.

Small urn vase with loose arrangement of lilac roses, gypsophillia and green cymbidium orchids .
Hatched with jelly beans! 
Simply trace a bunny into colorful felt fabric.
Bowl of easter plastic eggs with jelly beans inside from Candy Corner ( sunkist flavors)
Easter meal! Baby back rib grilled then baked in parchment paper "papillote" style 
Topped with tomato, mango and pesto!

2 slabs of baby back rib (pork)
pepper, honey, kikoman soysauce, thyme, garlic ( marinate during lenten season)
ripe mango, pesto and tomato.
parchment paper

Grill the baby back ribs, half way done.
Ready the parchment paper with small foil at the bottom then fold
Baked until you see the paper crumpled and brownish

Serve and topped with  mango, pesto and tomato

Rejoice, Celebrate, and have a very Happy Easter!

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