Monday, January 28, 2008


Please get a copy of New Metro Wedding Jan-June 08! I did some unusual bridesmaids bouquet, flowergil accessories and editorial shoot "Your stye fashion DARING". Real Wedding Stephanie Lim-Uy and Bienvenido Pierre Niles III - Boracay Inspired wedding.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

2007 Wedding of the Year!

I just received a text messages from Dulce Teo and Buck Sia my bride and groom last 16Dec07 that they are one of W@W 2007 Wedding of the Year . It was released at All About Weddings by Manila Bulettin by: John & Benz Rana
article originally appeared in print: 01.19.08 (Part 1) and 02.16.08 (Part 2by: John & Benz Rana

Congratulations! From the concept and event design we did for them were truly unusual for wedding.

"Buck & Dulce were open and game for things to be different. Even their cake really looks different, I thought it was a projector!

A wedding doesn't have to be traditional as long as love stays true and the ceremony stays solemn. It doesn't hurt if you dare to be different."

~ Paul Vincent
2006 W@W Supplier of the Year

Lighting direction - Juancho of Sensitivity.

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