Monday, August 31, 2009

Wedding Expo Philippines 15th edition

Evryone is gearing up for the Wedding Expo 15th edition, PICC Forum, September 5-6 2009, 10am-8pm

Special freebies and discount for on-site -booking!

please register for free!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wedding Essentials Destinations

Bundle of Joy! Wedding Essentials 10th issue special comes with Wedding Destination, almost just paying for one magazine! please get a copy not just one but two lovey inspired issues of WE!

Here the preview of my shoot " Wonderland" at Hotel Vida Clark Pampanga..

Wedding Essentials 10th Issue Special

Congratulations WE on your 10th issue!


I did not expect to be part of the 10th special "Dream Theme" issue, then got a call from Chinky Uy-Agregado asked me if i can do the event styling for her shoot for WE. The initial event stylist shes planning to work with got an unexpected emergency.

I was so excited yet having second thoughts because the shoot is scheduled three days after her call. I just made huge sigh and said YES i'l do it. With out any concept in mind i just prayed that i can pull this thing off. I was in Bellarocca Marinduque that time having a shoot as well for other magazine so it means i have two days to fabricate and order the flowers i need for the shoot.

The Team

I flew the next day and around 11pm we met Kaye Cunan our caterer who will provide the logistics needed for the shoot while we have a phone patch with Judy Uson for the cake. With the invitation on hand made by Noky Gatmaitan of Prinsonalies we agreed to come up with "Fantasy"theme. Chinky made a shortlists of the supliers that will be part of the team BlueLeaf for the venue and Lighting effects curtesy of Jamsy. While our photographer on the day is Terry Uy....perfect TEAM!


Metro Weddings July 2009

Dream Themes - It was a perfect weatehr when we had a shoot at Bellarocca - the Santorini of the Philippines found in Marinduque. Please grab a copy of the issue, Kai Huang took the photos in the magazine. I hope you will like the mediterranean setup i did -clean, modern and crisp from light blue to indigo. Bellarocca backdrop is such a perfect backdrop for the setup .. I miss Bellarocca visit their site
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