Monday, August 29, 2011

Debuts- 60's Diners Theme and Colors Theme

Not even  the typhoon last weekend will  take a dim view of my two gorgeous debutantes : Jia Kho and Zian Serenilla. Im so blessed to work with a great team Christine Ong-te and Peaches Go-tiu for flawless coordinations.

ZIAN SERENILLA - 60's Diners Theme
NBC Tent / 28 August 2011/ Peaches Go- Tiu - Coordinator
vintage transistor radio, old vinyl music record serve as table number printed by Prinsonalities

wooden softdrink case sandae glass with red success roses, box with red gala roses and mini mirror balls, LED mini lamps, illuminated box, 

Coke is it! and gumball dispenser

 plaid print in red and white reminds of a diners table

ikeya lamps for vip for retro feel of that era

white resin folded chairs from Likha 

caddilac insdie NBC Tent

Staging and Dance Floor by 4th Wall

JIA Kho - Colors " Paul Smith" print Theme
Palacio De Manila / 27 August 2011 / Christine Ong-Te
colored jellies to be illuminated by LED

LED wall that open and closes for Jia Grand entrance while LED dance floor  in colorful geometric patterns by Mark Tan and Gown by Francis Libiran. I Framed the LED wall with Paul Smith prints and giant circles on both sides.

guest centerpiece in whimsical arrangement. mixed of paper pompoms and paper flowers.

VIP table - clustering of vases in lilac, purple, fuchsia and green flowers. 

cute table number prepared by Chrsitine Ong-te

picture montage forming a "J" shape

colored circle cutout for ceiling treatment and lighting by Mark Tan

The party lasted until dawn.. guests truly loves them  and  it twas well attended. 

To my lovely debutantes  HAPPY 18TH!

BonBon Moss Terrarium

I've been craving these for a while now. Hope they work!

I got the brass frame from Dapitan and instantly i know i will try to make a Terrarium.  I went to a glass store and asked them to put glass on it. Now its like a small greenhouse perfect for enclosed Terrarium. 

waking up this morning with mist on the sides of the glass..
 With a crate of live moss from Holland, pebbles, carbonated charcoal ( you can buy this in fish pet shop) sphagnum moss ( our local flakey looking moss) and potting soil. Just put it on layer, the pebbles for irrigation then the spagnum moss to hold the soil then the potting soil. Roughly 1/4 of your container are the living ground of your moss. Finally the live moss on top. Watering is just once a month.. coz evaporations keep the moss moist make sure its indirect sunlight too.. Just leave it alone garden!

decorative bone of china bird and birdsnest

top view of the terrarium

You may add nice figurine.. a golf ball maybe for more whimsy look.. I might add some ferns and podocarpus soon when i hve time to visit Manila Seedling Bank.  For now i just want a touch of indoor garden in my room. 

A Smaller glass or bottle a nice favor too for wedding!

W@W Chat (Episode 3 | Teddy Manuel)

I had a chance to have a Podcast interview with Benz and Abet Rana of Weddings@ Work.. Feel free to download the link and available via iTunes. Get upclose and personal with me as i share some tips and suprising revelations. I hope you guys have fun listening!

W@W Chat (Episode 3 | Teddy Manuel) click this for the Podcast..

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