Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lim-Cuevas Wedding Blue Leaf

When Ms. Rita Neri asked me to meet Ms Cristina Cuevas ( sister of the bride/ Maid of Honor /Sulo Riviera Hotel) i thought it was just a regular client call and presentation. Our fist meeting was set at St. Lukes -The Fort because her only free time to discuss Ani's wedding her sister was while her dad having dialysis in the hospital. We met at Bizu (Audrey its gorgeous resto and yummy food by the way)  and there was Ms Lyn whos handling the account for Rita Neri

I was amazed how Ms Cristina prepared for the meeting with all the print out of my works and Jerry Sibal's  opulent setup. It was so easy for me to play around my creativity because her personality and energy was contagious! Take note she can be mistaken as Ms. Venezuela when you see her in person. I am so grateful to meet you and thank you for trusting me!

She booked Blue Leaf the entire venue Silk, Banyan and Jade pavillion. The challenge was TRANSFORMATIONS .  I need to convert silk pavillion  as "club" chill out area for cocktails while Banyan and Jade as contempo Baroque inspired. She also booked the garden for post dinner and make it "resort" feel. 

Delectable food, ice bar and cheese buffet by Margarita Fores Cibo and dramatic lighting and sounds by Forscink. Beautiful cake by Penk Ching. My special drapes team to cover the ceiling to floor Meann Fondevilla.

Indeed a dream team!!!

Canopy from the center with lounge chairs and origami calla lillies

Chill our area with Daybed, lounge chair and Ghost Chairs

hanging calla lilies 

Origami calla lillies modern treatment

Cibo ice bar

Rita Neri with bridal bouquet

Opulent Canopy of the VIP tables

Chandelier as table centerpiece - i love the scale

dome tent and mosqueteros on each day bed... sexy

Goddess Tina Cuevas

Gaita Fores ... yehey got a chance to have pic with her.. i love the food!

Gaita prepared table number on each table

Abu and Ani - Congratulations and Best wishes!

cheese buffet to die for!


Anonymous said...

Great event! I would like to ask your suppliers for the benches outside the venue? It really looked relaxing!

Teddy MAnuel said...

Thank you for leaving a cooment. I provided all the benches, lounge chairs and daybeds in the garden.. Im happy that you liked it

Anonymous said...

how much for this setup?

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